Stimulus Funds Electronic Class Attendance Sensors

In a remarkable synergy between the infantilization of college life and federal fiscal frivolity, officials at Northern Arizona University (NAU) have announced that they are using federal stimulus funds to install electronic attendance sensors in large lecture classrooms, according to the Chronicle of Higher Ed.

Campus administrators at NAU seem to have mastered the art of tackling the obvious:

Karen Pugliesi, vice provost for academic affairs, says the project will help improve attendance, which is key to higher academic performance.

Research, she says, shows a real link between good attendance and student achievement. She says the system will improve student engagement and participation, putting more students on track to graduate.

“We want every one of our students that enrolls in a class to realize their potential and be successful in the completion of that course,” she says. “It’s not in the student’s interest for them to drop out of a course or to fail a course.”

What’s up with Arizona’s obsession with tracking people?