Still running at the mouth

BlabberForce didn’t see fit to acknowledge our super-sleuthing re: the existing BlabberForce firm. But they did change their name in a hurry, eh?

For the past month, we’ve been working on a new name to help take the force to the next level in spreading Dartmouth’s story to ever wider audiences. Hundreds of bad suggestions later, here we are. Our mission is the same, our name is new and improved. We’re going to be launching the website soon as well (, so things are looking good.

That’s funny; we never heard that BlabberForce was having a contest to determine its new, official name. I’m sure Joe could have provided a few amusing suggestions. In any event, “BuzzFlood” will surely have an easier time embarrassing Dartmouth than did its previous incarnation.

By the way, “hundreds of bad suggestions”? From whom, pray tell? Kabir and Jim Wright?