Spring is in the Air

Just got two of these within a second. Double the fun for me, I guess. Below the fold.

***** T r a n s F o r m *********
****** Wednesday at 7 pm

Come see TransFormed Dartmouth Students: ——
All together bending their gender expression in one HOT runway show.

Test your perception! Test yourself!

T r a n s F o r m
7pm doors open
Wednesday at Collis Common Ground
Followed by the incredible

~~ ANNUAL DRAG BALL ~~ (you won’t want to miss this either)

Proceeds of this event will benefit ACORN, a local HIV and Hep-C
resource organization.

President’s Office, Dean of the College Office, Alumni Relations, Bildner
Endowment, IDE, Graduate Student Council, Office of the Advisor to LGBT
Students, ORL, DGALA, SPEC, Office of Black Student Advising, Office of Asian
and Asian American Student Advising, Dartmouth Athletics, Dartmouth Coalition
for Progress, Afro-American Society, The Coed Council, OPAL, GSX, XH, TDX,
SAE, AXA, TriDelt, Chi Gam, Panarchy, Alpha Phi, AZD, AD, Sigma Delt, Phi Tau,
EKT, Tri-Kap, Psi-U, KKG, KDE, Sig Ep, GDX, BG, Alpha Theta, Sigma Nu, Alpha Pi
Omega, The Tabard, Student Assembly