Specialist Begley update

My sources tell me that Private G. Rollo Begley has, after only two or three weeks in boot camp, been promoted from Private, First Class to Specialist, Fourth Class.  His letters, two of which I’ve had the opportunity to read while here at the Begley’s, offer little detail, but Rollo is certainly up at 4 AM everyday, is completely bald, and owns no articles of clothing without “Army” emblazoned somewhere.  They are supposed to do four hours of exercise per day, but it ends up being much more because the whole unit suffers when someone errs in class, drill, ceremony, etc.  He “hurts everywhere.”  Eight of sixty-three in his unit have dropped out and await their dishonorable discharge, and two have collapsed from heat exhaustion, with only one hospitalized.  “Don’t worry though–I’m drinking plenty of water,” he writes.

Those who wish to contact Specialist Begley, his address is as follows:

BEGLEY, George R.


A co. 1/38th INF.

Ft. Benning, GA 31905

On the back of the envelope, write a large “203.”  (“Otherwise the drill sergeant has to turn the envelope over–so it’s right-side up–and that’s a waste of the drill sergeant’s time, so I have to do pushups.)