Sound Familiar?

A letter in the Corner regarding young conservatives, thought it was a pretty apt description of TDR:

Let me give you some “word on the street” anecdotal evidence to back up your article. I happen to know lots of conservatives and libertarians that span the range of thought. I don’t know how to categorize them all – your phrases “neocons,” “traditional cons,” and “paleocons.” – are confusing as hell to me. But, trust me, all of the various “tribes” are well represented. And, I will tell you, that the people who were quickest and most pissed off – were those like me: people who would describe themselves as “Goldwater Libertarians”. We’re in our late 20’s to mid 30’s, we adore the Founding Fathers, Reagan, Thatcher, Welasa, Friedman, Hayek, and especially bad asses like Barry Goldwater. We read NRO, and CATO, and many of us would like to work for the Institute for Justice. We’re well educated from Ivy League schools, who know what the good years for cabernet are, but would rather drink cold Old Milwaukee longnecks. We’re the ones who called and emailed each other, seething with anger, after watching any of one of Lott’s public buffoonery to bemoan his asininities. We’re also the folks who threw stuff at the TV every time some Republican, or pseudo conservative, tried to defend his remarks. Yeah, we’re mad that every jerk in America is cashing in on this. But, we’re more furious at Lott for hijacking the ideas we think are morally right, and are willing to fight for. And, to a man [sorry, not a lot of women in this group – which probably means something?] – not a single one of us has ever, ever, ever, been a liberal, before coming over to conservatism – in whatever form you might want to call it.