Sorority Life at Princeton

This was a letter the Rush Chair of Pi Phi sent to her sisters at the Princeton chapter….

Hi Pi Phi,

This is SUPER important information regarding our fabulous Pi Phi’s and

the bid night which is TOMMOROW that you should all be getting so

excited for! We need to look the best we have ever, ever looked

tommorow night. Please bear with me and read this through.

Envision this: You are Tom Cruise’s date to the premier of Minority

Report. What do you look like? You look fucking HOT!!! Perfect hair,

impeccable make-up, celebrity-esque, elegant.

We have one more night of rush, this is the final push and our time to

really shine! We have done a great job showing how laid-back, cool and

sporty we are, now let’s wow these guys with our classiness, elegence

and style.

The basic outfit: NICE black pants or black skirt + Martini glass tank

1) Hair This means Blowdryed, Clean, Sexy. You judge how your hair

looks best, if you like it down, wear it down. If you like it half up,do

it. If it looks best curly, go for it. You could also do a low bun

with a fresh flower in it.

This does NOT mean: hair in a loose bun with danglies, hair in

greasy ponytail (like me today for example), or coming straight

from the gym.

2) Make-Up

Take a little bit of extra time and get glammed. Not vegas-y but

elegant and beautiful. It should be clear that you have make-up on

but in a good way. We are all good at this we just need to make the


3) Shoes

This is the time for your favorite pair of fabulous, high stilletto type

heels that you cherish. The look we are going for is SEXY


4) Jewelry

Use your best judgement here. Make it classy and stylish, make it

whimsical, make it appropriate to what you look good in while staying

within the parameters of the theme. Gold hoops, chandelier earrings, or

even diamond studs if that is more your style. If your ears arent

pierced pile on some bangles. Look like you are going out in


Thank you so much for reading this through. These details may sound

stupid but they do MATTER and we want to get these girls!

if you are bored and need inspriration go to….

Go Pi Phi!