So much for Dean’s populism getting more people involved

Key facts from an article

1- Two-thirds of Democrats still can’t name one of the candidates in the field for President.

2- Somehow, 40% of Democrats are satisfied with the field, which means that at least 7% of Democrats are happy about the field despite not knowing who any of these people are.

3- Half of all Democrats wanted more choices despite the fact that most of them likely do not know who their choices are. Are they all pining for Hillary or something?

4- Howard Dean isn’t doing nearly as well overall as polls in the early states suggest, though at least he’s not John Kerry, who’s stuck back there with Al Sharpton.

5- So far, Howard Dean has failed as a populist candidate because he hasn’t gotten more people interested in the primaries.

My big question is how 53% of Democrats have decided who they support in the primaries when twenty percent less of them can actually name one of the candidates. Does the caller just read off a bunch of names after the respondent has already answsered the question about being able to name a candidate, and then the respondent decides based on who has the prettiest name?