So confused

This is regarding the new art space in the Hop.

Date: 10 Dec 2002 16:37:28 EST

From: AREA

Subject: inform. recruit. submit.

To: (Recipient list suppressed)



You, you are the oppressed proletariat and must rise with the

movement. It has, unfortunately, come to our attention that you

have not been fully interpellated into our ideology. To fulfill

our programme for critical dialogue through art, we, the

revolutionaries must proclaim our ideas courageously, define our

principles and express our intentions so that no one is deceived,

neither friend nor foe.

O, the humanity.

When we speak of the struggle, we speak the name: ‘area’–the

organization that runs the student gallery space at the Top of the

Hop. Thus, we hold two shows per term in order to exhibit student

artwork. We would like to invite you of the unredeemed masses to

involve yourself by working on:


opening planning,

adjudication of artwork,


et al.

Reply to be added to our 03W membership.


::now:: collecting submissions for this winter’s first show

Art & the Politics of Oppression

Opening MLK week

theme: socially pertinent artwork in a time of need

submission deadline: monday january 13th

blitz ‘area’ or nil for further information