Sigma Delta Sorority Featured by NYTimes

The front door of Sigma Delta Sorority

The front door of Sigma Delta sorority

Dartmouth’s very own Sigma Delta Sorority was featured by The New York Times in an article that was briefly featured on the Times’ website’s front page. In a January 19 article titled “Sorority Anti-Rape Idea: Drinking on Own Turf,” Sigma Delta is cited as a unique example of a “women controlled” Greek house that hosts open parties and other events that serve alcohol. Most national sororities are governed by statutes that prohibit such events.

More broadly, the Times article aimed to explore the possible role sororities and sorority parties could hold as part of sexual assault prevention initiatives. In the process, it also questioned the disproportionate social power men hold on college campuses where fraternity parties and events are one’s primary source of social events with alcohol.

The article’s spread on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter further resulted in the hashtag trends of #ΣΔ‬ and #GoLocal, referring to the Sigma Delta Sorority and Sigma Delta’s local status, respectively.