The Dartmouth Radical set up a twitter account (https://twitter.com/gossipgangstah) to record the progress of their sit-in in President Phil Hanlon’s office. I found one of the hashtags to be in poor taste. One of the tweets, quoting Hanlon, reads: “We share the same aspirations. I’d rather have a conversation. Then look at what we do, what we can implement” with a hashtag, #shitphilhanlonsays. Belittling the President’s important voice in our campus dialogue is deconstructive at best.

I believe, and I hope I am supported by the majority of Dartmouth students when I say this, in insitutional respect. Our progress towards healthy change for Dartmouth, as a community, must never stray from the fundamental civic principles like respect. I hope the students of the Radical, in their aims toward postive changes, remember to maintain some sense of decorum in the means by which they affect that change.

Otherwise they, in their aggressively public quest, risk being viewed as obnoxious distractions and not beacons of growth.

That being said, I’d like to sign off with a Godfather clip.

–Henry Woram ’17