Schwartzman on NY’s Gubernatorial Race

Dartmouth Review week editor and prolific Dartlog contributor Adam Schwartzman has a post up over on the Village Voice’s Running Scared blog about the Republican contenders for New York’s governorship and the vitriolic words flying out of upstate challenger Carl Paladino’s mouth towards Long Island’s very own Rick Lazio.

Paladino has jumped on Lazio’s employment at Wall Street mainstay J.P. Morgan and accused him of being “Joe Lobbyist”. Wait, is Paladino really claiming that business experience is a bad thing? To be fair, If Lazio is proven to have engaged in corrupt behavior then there’s not much to say in his defense. However, if his largest crime is having worked downtown (rather than upstate, where Paladino hails from), then it would seem that Paladino’s populist pandering is far off base.

Not that it really matters – it seems as if Andy Cuomo is going to win handily.

I know, I know – the Village Voice is a lefty rag. But do the right thing and head over there.