Say Again?

In an article in today’s D, Al Nur (a Muslim student group) advisor Amin Plaisted is quoted describing a petition signed by many college presidents against anti-semitic hatred and intimidation thusly:

It would seem to be a petition that encourages and invites exactly what it claims should stop, perhaps a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Had Mr. Plaisted actually read the petition, he would know that it seems nothing like his inept characterization.

The petition declares that “intimidation and hatred” do not “have any place on university campuses” and that “death threats and threats of violence,” the destruction and defacement of Jewish students’ property, and “libelous information or images” will “not be tolerated on campuses.” To say that the petition “encourages and invites” these behaviors, as Mr. Plaisted does, isn’t just misleading; it’s absolutely unfounded.

Unconvinced? Read the petition yourself.

In that the petition may limit students’ speech rights, there are good grounds for opposing it. That it advocates hatred, violence, and intimidation, however, is not among them.