“Save the River Docks” Endorses Will Hix for Student Body President

From the Save the River Docks press release:

Hanover, NH – Will Hix ’12, write-in candidate for Dartmouth Student Assembly President, has received the endorsement of Save the River Docks. The much-anticipated endorsement by Dartmouth’s most influential group comes just two days before Dartmouth students begin voting for a new Student Assembly President.

Hix has worked industriously over the past three years to defend and enhance the Dartmouth experience for all students. He has revived the course guide, placed rentable computer chargers in the library, created Greenport, compiled a median grade spreadsheet, served in several leadership posts, and updated the 2011 room draw guide. But above all, Hix believed in Save the River Docks from the very beginning.

When Save the River Docks was just launching its mission to re-open the docks, many people thought the group was crazy. They said the decision was final and that no group could overcome the wrath of Parkhurst. But Will Hix had faith. He believed in it not because it was the most popular decision or because it was politically safe, but because he knew that defending the tradition of swimming in the river of freedom was bigger than any student, administrator, or power-hungry President. He fought alongside the alliance and finally, Save the River Docks, and in a greater sense, Dartmouth, won.
Commenting on Hix’s ineligibility to run for Student Assembly President, Travis Blalock, Founder of Save the River Docks, said, “EPAC has flaunted the absurdity of Dartmouth College politics to a level that should sicken every Dartmouth student. The idea that a five-person committee can suppress the chances of the only real candidate in this race suggests a governing body better fit for Soviet Russia than Hanover. Save the River Docks wholeheartedly endorses Will Hix without reservation. In short, this election is about one issue: saving the river docks. If you want to swim freely in the Connecticut River this summer, vote for Will Hix. If you want to spend your summer at a 4 year-old’s birthday party in Storrs Pond, vote for Yoeli or Limonthas.”

–Adam I. W. Schwartzman