Romney, Powell Have Favorable Matchups in 2012

At least according to the fourth annual New Hampshire State of the State Poll done by the Rockefeller Center here at Dartmouth. President Obama has slipped under 40% approval and had the largest disapproval rating. Unsurprisingly, the economy and balancing the budget topped the list of concerns at 23% each.

As far as GOP possible candidates go, Colin Powell and Mitt Romney led the way with 48% and 47% with Romney gaining a plurality. Interestingly, Powell, despite reducing Obama’s share of the pie to 28% in their hypothetical race, still had 24% of voters undecided between the two of them. He was added to the survey, “in an effort to test the perceived absence of leadership qualities among the Republican candidates and in President Obama.”

Really all that means is that those polled were basing their likelihood of voting on the general perception of the man rather than any solid policy.  Powell has not announced any intention to run.

Sterling C. Beard