Role Playing Dems.

A gem proferred by Janos Marton at last night’s Democratic Interns Debate, on his candidate Kerry: �He�s got a great plan on health care that will cover 27 uninsured Americans. One of the reasons he�s going to do it is by offering businesses, helping out businesses that can�t pay for healthcare costs…The federal government is going to cover all healthcare catastrophes over $50,000.�

One can only hope that all 27 will be mobilized to vote your way.

Matt Slaine, representing Joe Lieberman, played his part to perfection but notably failed to differentiate his role from that of Lieberman’s. For all outward signs and appearances, Lieberman was there in the flesh. This behavior may have caused audience concern in regards to Slaine’s psychological health. Comments regarding “split-personality” disorder were rampant.