Risky Ivy Council

If you ever wondered what important things the Ivy Council was up to, we finally got an answer this last weekend:

>Date: 21 Oct 2007 12:12:09 -0400
>From: Joseph V. DeBonis III
>Subject: Conquer the Ivy League!
>To: [redacted]

**Did you love Risk as a kid?**

**Do you have wild ambitions of conquering all New England?**

**Do you want to prove that Dartmouth is the best Ivy in the League?**

PLAY GoCrossCampus!

GoCrossCampus is a socially interactive online world domination game set to the map of New England.

Control your own legion of armies, coordinate the gameplan, and play as a team with the rest of your school to take over territories and edge out your rival Ivies.

Its already been a hit at Harvard and Yale so don’t let Dartmouth down! Show we reign supreme! Play GoCrossCampus!

Starts Monday, Oct 22nd
Visit http://www.gocrosscampus.com to start your world domination today!

**This has been a message from your Dartmouth Ivy Council!**

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