Ridiculous Compensation

$28 per hour. That’s the going rate for trash pick-up at Dartmouth, at least according to a bill that Facilities Operations recently dumped in my inbox for a trash pick-up at Beta, where I’m treasurer.

Now, of course, every one is entitled to the fruits of his labor. But, $28 an hour for trash pickup seems pretty excessive. If you build that into a 40-hour week, you’re looking at almost $60,000 per year. Is it thus really any wonder why Dartmouth spends approximately $100,000 per student per year? When trash pick-up costs $28 an hour, it becomes much harder to scrounge together the money for professors and libraries.
By the way, for comparison’s sake, the market value of weekly trash pick-up in Arizona is apparently $15 per month, or about $3.25 per pick-up. Beta was assessed $39.50 altogether for a single pick-up ($24.50 for use of the truck for half an hour, and $14 for half an hour’s labor). Ridiculous.