Reward for Capture?

On Wednesday night, the Keggy costume was stolen from its temporary storage location.

Keggy took three weeks of planning and over a week of labor from almost a dozen people to be created and smuggled into Homecoming football game. His costume is of immense sentimental value to us. Furthermore, many of his parts, particularly his nose and internal frame, are fragile. We are worried we may never see Keggy again; we are worried that, if we do see him again, he may have been damaged beyond repair in the process of the theft. The costume is irreplaceable — we almost certainly can’t make another.

If you have any information on Keggy’s whereabouts, please blitz us. If we have any new information on Keggy’s theft and/or recovery, we will post it to the JACKO! blitz bulletin.

Good luck with your end of term work.

Nic Duquette and Chris Plehal

Keggy co-creators