Reviewers save the world

Well, one at least. Of course I refer to the continuing antics of Specialist G. Rollo Begley, with whom I spoke briefly on Sunday. While Fort Benning is dreadfully hot, he seems to be in quite good spirits–save the loss of his hair, of course.

Apparently, his unit is not exactly the brightest, and they seem to get in a lot of trouble, thus necessitating more pushups and other physical pain. But things are looking up. They recently did an obstacle course just like the ones from the movies with the tires, the ropes, crawling under barbwire, etc.

In the next couple days, Rollo will learn hand-to-hand combat. Then he will be going on a 36-hour forced march where he will learn about setting up patrols, shooting positions, etc. And next week, he�ll don a gas mask and enter the gas tent. I don�t know when weapons training begins, but I�m sure we�ll here all about it.

If you�d like to mail him, his address is posted somewhere on this page a few days ago.