Religion of peace…

In The Dartmouth’s article about the panel on American foreign policy yesterday, two ’07 women who attended the event were interviewed for the requisite ‘those who disagree with the event’ position key to all D articles. Sarah Chaudry and Ambika Singh both “saw the panel as furthering stereotypes of Islam as militant and anti-women.”

“‘I don’t like how they made Islam synonymous with terrorism,’ said Chaudry. ‘I was discouraged by how misinformed the panel was on the Middle East, specifically on the subject of women’s rights,’ added Singh.”

Great point gals! Obviously, the world’s Islamic nations treat their women with the utmost of respect and would never dare infringe upon basic human rights. Islam is not a religion whose tenets are perverted and used to oppress women or justify acts of terrorism. I wonder what will happen next week in Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood of Make-Believe.