Recap of Recent Alumni Events on Power Line

From Paul Mirengoff ’71 at Power Line:

[. . .]

But Dartmouth has no interest in such a compromise because its overriding objective is precisely to exclude its alums from meaningful participation in college governance. Thus, the college has chosen to play one more card. It has put together a slate of candidates for the AoA Executive Committee that has agreed, if elected, to drop the lawsuit. Their platform, in other words, is capitulation to Dartmouth’s plan to deprive the alumni of any meaningful say.

In response, I have joined a slate that is committed to maintaining the lawsuit, since it is all that stands in the way of the virtually total marginalization of Dartmouth alumni. The slate is headed by Mike Murphy ’61 and also includes Marian Chambers ’76, the first female graduate of Dartmouth’s initial coeducational class, who is running for Secretary/Treasurer. I’m running for something called 2d Vice President. Our slate has established a website, Dartmouth Parity, which you can visit here.

Voting begins on April 28 and will continue until June 5. If you’re a Dartmouth alum, please consider supporting us. If you know Dartmouth alums, please spread the word.