Re: Still running at the mouth


When I applied, Dartmouth’s alumni giving rate was 60%. Apparently it had been 70% a few years before. And it’s been about the same since ’01 or so, which means that alumni giving dropped by a fifth during an economic boom. Not a good sign, and I can’t see the rate going up anytime soon, not with everyone having a bad taste in their mouth from the swim team and such.

Basically, from what I understand, alumni giving used to be Princeton and Dartmouth about even, with the rest of the Ivies way behind. Since then, it’s gone to being Princeton then Dartmouth then everyone else, and now it’s very nearly Princeton and then everyone else.

Thank you James Wright.

Maybe if they re-name it the Alumni Fund instead of the College Fund, people will give again.

I’m actually surprised that Princeton’s rate hasn’t gone down, given all the scandals with the Woodrow Wilson School’s endowment and the like. Showing such massive disrespect for those who give gifts usually causes those who give gifts to cease and desist.