Re: Mansfield after Dark

Nothing about this speaks well for the nation’s most unquestionably prominent institution of higher learning.

First of all, it would be nice if the article actually told us what the speech was about.

Second, some of the students’ are silly enough to warrant repitition of the old rule: if anyone ever uses the words “I was offended,” or any derivative thereof, in a sentence, disregard everything and anything they say.

Finally, let’s look at Ms. Goetz’s statement: “If I was a gay man I’d be offended.” A few comments:

a. She’s not a gay man, so who the &#@% cares?

b. Some substantiation or reasoning please? Not a real helpful comment here.

c. If I WAS? if I WAS??!?!??!? are we joking here? A student at any self-respecting elementary school would get hit in the head with a ruler (from about 10 yards away) for saying something like this, yet a graduate student (4th year, no less) at Harvard can’t get their grammar straight? IF I WERE.

Wow. Unbelievable.