Re: Guess it’s a slow news day

Hmm. Hasn’t appeared on BuzzFlood yet. Maybe that is because the article talks about how she decided to go to a small school, and the Harvard rejects at BuzzFlood can’t understand someone picking a school because of anything but its US News ranking.

One thing BuzzFlood does list, however, is the Programming Board’s next event- Bad@$$ Bingo. Because the Kick @$$ Party just wasn’t enough of an embarassment.

I can see it now. A bunch of ’08s saying, “I chose Dartmouth over Harvard and Yale because of all the Bingo Bad@$$es here.”

Maybe some alum will donate millions of dollars because he is so inspired by BuzzFlood and the Programming Board’s creativity.

This is certainly a GREAT way to market Dartmouth College.

Update: If Buzzflood isn’t an official Dartmouth group, why do they have a blitz account?

Response and Advice: Next, a response to this comment on my blog from someone idenifying himself as “riz” saying-

Damn, boy. Don’t you go to college. Don’t have anything better to do with your time than write blogs?

To answer his question: I graduated, and blogging doesn’t take up that much time.

Unfortunately the e-mail address “riz” left did not work, so I could not respond at first, but then I noticed in my IP logger that the hit came from, so now I can offer the following advice to Kabir.

If you’re too cowardly to put your real name on a comments form, at least be slick enough to send in your comments from one of the public computers in Berry.

This is exactly why Grossman doesn’t allow comments on this blog.