Re: Good to Know


What the hell is “Fleischmanns Preferred” (#37 on the NH list)?

I’ve had several of Fleischmann’s products and preferred none of them.

And, more puzzling, is this the eponymous Fleishmann, a “yeast magnate” from a village in New York?

Finally, and most puzzling, who would take the time to review Fleishmann’s vodka at great length? An excerpt:

Even though we’re late starters in the [vodka distilling] game, America has some strong representation, Skyy and Teton Glacier to name two. And then there are the black sheep of the vodka family, those brands that completely abandon quality for the allure of low pricing, and that’s where products like Everclear and Fleischmann�s fit in, the drinks of choice for bag people and those who don’t know any better.

Of course, apparently, not all people feel that way, according to the Fleishmann family:

Fleischmann’s Vodka is a member of the Fleischmann’s Family of products, a name that has represented quality since 1870. Attractively priced, Fleischmann’s Vodka is a necessary addition for both on and off premise establishments. #1 in Wisconsin.

Cheers (or not).