Re: Freedom of Association

As Emmett posted below, UNC backed down and the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship will remain an official student group. Chancellor James Moeser said this to the AP:

On balance, given that general membership in IVCF is open to all students, I believe that in this matter, preserving freedom of expression is the more crucial consideration. Thus I have asked our staff to allow IVCF to continue to operate as an official recognized student organization.

However, Rutgers, which got into a similar scrape with its InterVarsity Multi-Ethnic Christian Fellowship, looks to be headed to court. Attorney David French has taken up the case and is looking to set precedent:

If this does become a precedent that’s favorable … it will have, I believe, national ramifications for Christians on campuses, and it also could have constitutional ramifications beyond the campus.

Stories from UPI, the AP, and Family News (a service run by Focus on the Family, a ministry). My original post.