Re: Dartmouth, Blitz and the NY Times

More proof, as if it were needed, that the most inept rise to class and campus government:

Ms. Stutzman, who spent 20 hours over a three-month period transferring more than 200 folders from her student account to her alumni account, said her messages had created a chronicle of life at Dartmouth. “It catalogs your college experience,” she said. “You can look back at a blitz conversation you had with a friend about whatever, and it’s something you might forget ever happened. But you have it saved.”

This brings to mind a fun story about Josh Green et al., the SLI, and the Dartmouth Review: after the Review published the story linked above, Green and his co-conspirators spent the next several terms storing important emails on floppy disks that they carried with them, so concerned were they that The Dartmouth Review would continue digging tidbits from their Blitzmail accounts.

I’m sure sjm, akw, or Clark could elaborate on this…