Re: Board back constitution

This announcement merits a bit of follow-up.

I find this vote disturbing because it reveals the true, root causes and motivations underlying the proposed constitution. The vote was split 14-3. It is not hard to quickly appreciate that the three dissenting votes were T.J. Rodgers, Peter Robinson, and Todd Zywicki, the three petition trustees who have all publicly stated their opposition to the constitution. Thus the supportive votes came from the 8 charter trustees, and the Alumni Trustees who had been ‘official’ candidates in their respective elections.

What to make of all this? It now becomes self-evident that the primary motivation behind the new constitution is to keep petition candidates off the Board of Trustees. The silver lining? The constitution’s proponents look uglier and more disgraceful with every move they make.

UPDATE: Lest I forget, there are two more board members. The first is John Lynch, Governor of New Hampshire; he didn’t vote. The final “yes” vote, then, went to President James Wright. This blows away the last wisps of the veil of College neutrality on the constitution.