Re: Augusta


First of all, hilarious catch on my earlier post.

Regarding Augusta, however, I really don’t think the Times was calling on Tiger because he’s black. I think they singled him out because of his drawing power (admittedly his drawing power may have something to do with his race, but I think it’s got a lot more to do with his ridiculous ability to play the game of golf). I mean let’s be serious, the guy sometimes gets more for showing up to tournaments than he gets for winning them, so if you’re going to single out a player whose attendance is going to effect the Masters, it’s not Ernie Els.

The Review, of course, wholeheartedly supports the boycott on the Masters and is calling on its readers to protest the concept of private clubs by mailing their tickets to PO Box 343, Hanover, NH 03755. You can send them to my attention.