Re: Ah, Emmett

Hummel, I have the shameless self-promoter role down pat on this blog. Now, as for posting two links to FIRE’s website, you’ll not that you are really complimenting my devotion to this site. The story was hot from the presses — er, printer — not a long while at all before I was sharing this breaking news with you, dear readers. You’ll also note that, despite this devotion, the AP still managed to get a story in (and on the New York Times website, no less). Plus UPI — and I’m mentioned in that story. So you see, I’m graciously sharing hot news with Dartlog’s d�vot��s, at a time when we’re the only source.

That being said, the two links are different. The first is to our press release, where all documents can be found. The second is to FIRE’s synopsis of the speech code at Shippensburg, with links to the originals. Different things entirely. Or didn’t you read it?