John Bradley ’81 edits Arab News. Is Arab News anti-Semitic? Bradley says not, and if you disagree, you must be “unable to distinguish between anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism” like all the rest of his critics, too.

Gore MIA in NH:

But New Hampshire�s political territory may not prove all that welcoming for Gore. WNTK talk-show host Arnie Arneson, whose broadcast is a must-do for would-be presidential candidates (Kerry put in a call to her show while he was canvassing the state last week), says New Hampshire voters are still frustrated by Gore and the exhausting demise of his 2000 campaign. “We were around him forever,” she says. “It�s not like he didn�t answer every question at Dartmouth College, for forever, including [one] from the guy sweeping the floor with a broom.” His Granite State supporters remain disheartened that the candidate with whom they spent so much time couldn�t seal the deal. (Boston Phoenix)

On the recent Princeton-Yale admissions snafu:

“This report reflects the heightened craziness about admissions decisions,” said James O. Freedman, a legal scholar and the former president of Dartmouth. “It probably wouldn’t subvert the Constitution, but it is competitiveness taken to a dastardly length.” (NY Times)

NPR on Animal House:

Miller wrote mostly adolescent, and sometimes futuristic stories — one presaged Back to the Future. Once, under deadline pressure, he dusted off a chapter from his abandoned memoirs and turned it in. That story was “The Night of the Seven Fires,” in which Miller recounted his college fraternity days. Those Alpha Delta Phis served as inspiration for the Delta Tau Chi brothers of Animal House’s Faber College.

But I thought we were a College?!

Larry, Darren, Ryan, Rollo, Harry, Charles, Maru, etc. – are you all still alive? Sober?