Provost Scherr Defends His Poor Taste

Provost Scherr wrote in to the Daily D defending the College’s recent choices in commissioned artwork.

I continue to believe that the Dartmouth community can embrace art at the Hood Museum as well as in unexpected places on campus, be it in Baker Library, in front of McNutt, or near Sherman House. While I certainly don’t expect everyone to like every piece, I do have confidence that the discourse around art will be informed and respectful. And I have no tolerance for the destruction of any art on the campus, whether inside or outside of the museum walls.

That last sentence is in reference to the Inuksuk pile of rocks in front of McNutt, which has apparently been knocked over nine times. Also, someone managed to cut the Gu exhibition with scissors. Scherr also revealed in the piece that Director of the Hood Museum Brian Kennedy will answer charges laid against both him and Gu by the Dartmouth Independent.

While I agree that aiming for everyone to like every piece is too lofty a goal, is it too much to ask that some people like some of the pieces?

N.B. For whatever reason, today’s Daily D has not been put online yet. I will link to this letter once it’s online.

UPDATE: Link here.