Protestors Pester Olmert Lecture

Today Dartmouth’s Realtalk showed their true colors. Their appearance at a talk given by former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert was widely regarded by the audience as one of the most hilarious event of the evening. Perhaps Realtalk is the next Jacko, or perhaps this newfound role did not please them as much as it entertained those who had the “privilege” to view it.

PM Olmert had just concluded a moderate discussion of the Arab Spring and his plan for a two-state solution, when Professor Rickford and his accomplices jumped to their feet and began to scream and chant. I must say it did not live up to my expectations for a “radical protest.” I was somewhat hoping for some actual effort, or at least some creativity.

But instead there was embarrassment.

They were met with a few claps, until the laughter began. What seems like applause in the videos was more accurately the sound of people clapping their hands as they doubled over in laughter, which was sustained for a few minutes after the protestors’ departure. Realtalk then proceeded to protest outside the auditorium.

The actual content of the speech, as well as this writer’s discussion with the protesters, will be the subject of an article in an upcoming issue of the Review.

— Sandor Farkas

  • Protester

    Get your facts right, this is not real talk, which was communicated to you multiple times. Also, the unnamed student was you. Excellent journalism, #slowclap