Protesters Stage Die In at Baker-Berry

Safety and Security speaks with a protester.

Safety and Security officers speak with a protester.

At around 8:00 P.M. on January 15, a group of students numbering approximately 20-30 staged a protest in Baker-Berry library. After marching around the library, chanting “Black lives matter, I can’t breathe,” they staged a die in along the main corridor of Berry library, a tactic that has been common among those protesting police brutality in recent weeks.

Following the protest, participants met in a study room near Novack Cafe to reflect on the experience. Three Safety and Security officers were seen responding to the protests, and after a brief conversation with a student who identified himself as the president of the Dartmouth NAACP, they subsequently left the scene.

This protest against police brutality was not the first to occur at Dartmouth, although it is notable as the first protest to take place while classes were in session.