President Kim Alters View on Humanities

As reported by the Daily D, President Kim’s speech at Convocation, held on Tuesday, was a far cry from remarks made previously in an interview with the Washington Post. Rather than disparage the humanities, Kim praised their value, calling for students to learn from his mistakes. “Don’t make my mistake of not engaging in [the humanities] until after you graduate…Embrace the lifelong task of becoming a better thinker,” he said.

President Kim, who aroused suspicions last year as to his commitment to the liberal arts, also spoke of the benefits of the humanities in his Presidential lecture in July, in which he stated, “You can map many of these traits, habits of the mind, on the course work that we are already doing, especially in the humanities and arts — others as well — but especially I think in courses in the humanities.”

What remains unclear is whether Kim’s statements come from a genuine interest in the humanities or a desire to appease those who remain concerned about his long term goals for the college. Indeed, Kim’s introduction of a master of health care delivery science program last year sounded alarms for many and raised doubts about his commitment to the liberal arts.

Read the full text of President Kim’s Convocation speech here.