President Hanlon to Deliver Moving Dartmouth Forward Speech

President Hanlon, courtesy of his office's photo gallery.

President Hanlon, courtesy of his office’s photo gallery

In a campus-wide blitz sent this afternoon, President Hanlon announced an upcoming speech in which he will deliver his plan to “Move Dartmouth Forward.” Students, faculty, and alumni are eager to hear Hanlon’s proposals for the future of Dartmouth’s campus culture. The Steering Committee has delivered its report to Hanlon, who will make changes to it before presenting his final version to the Board of Trustees on January 28th.

Hanlon has scheduled his speech for 8:30 A.M. on Thursday, January 29. It is with great irony that he will make a speech with enormous implications for Greek life early in the morning following Wednesday night fraternity and sorority meetings. Perhaps our President purposefully wants to limit student attendance at his speech. Such a strategy will not help change his reputation as a meek and uninspiring leader.