Phiesta Redux at UC Santa Cruz

Stevenson College at UC Santa Cruz

Stevenson College at UC Santa Cruz

According to Campus Reform, one of UC Santa Cruz’s residential colleges recently found itself in a similar situation to the Dartmouth Greek houses (Phi Delta Alpha and Alpha Phi) that attempted to host a “Phiesta” themed charity event last spring. In this case, controversy ensued when a “Mexican food buffet” was served at an “intergalactic” theme party at Stevenson College. Because the event featured wall decorations depicting space aliens (in addition to spaceships, planets, and stars), campus activists quickly decided that the coincidental serving of the Mexican food represented an attack on a different type of alien, namely undocumented Latino students at UCSC.

In the aftermath of the incident, Dr. Carolyn Golz, administrative officer of Stevenson College, issued an apology that stated, “We would never want to make a connection between individuals of Latino heritage or undocumented students and ‘aliens’…this incident caused harm in our community and negatively impacted students”. Despite an explanation from the students involved in planning the party that Mexican food was simply chosen as a convenient catering option when they could not think of any foods that fit the “intergalactic” theme, Golz has mandated that all Stevenson College program staff must now attend mandatory “cultural competency training.”

Given the rate the PC police are growing in power and influence on campuses nationwide, it may not be long before Dartmouth students find themselves forced to undergo similar programs.

“Welcome to the Chairman Hanlon Cultural Competency Reeducation Camp, the perfect introduction to your perfect summer term!”