“Phiesta” Goes Viral

Search results for "Dartmouth Phiesta"

Search results for “Dartmouth Phiesta”

Google “Dartmouth Phiesta” and you’ll find dozens and dozens of articles. From blogs to professional news outlets, the voices are vast in number and united in their goal: to comment on what’s happening at the College on the Hill. The uproar is nonpartisan as Liberal and Conservative blogs alike have chimed sardonically toward the affair.

A writer under the username “oneofthe99,” presumably a reference to the Occupy Wall Street movement, had this to say on the blog democraticunderground.com: “Maybe this is what Bill Maher was talking about,” oneofthe99 wrote, “we have become too politically correct.”

Katherine Timpf, the editor of  the blog “Campus Reform” at FoxNation, wrote a news-oriented brief citing the incident.

Eric Owens, the education editor from dailycaller.com called the Phiesta fiasco “another ridiculous politically-correct brouhaha.”

Contributor “kmarko” writing for Barstool sports, a humor website that targets college age males, said: “I can only hope that the next person that dies from heart disease takes comfort in the fact their death was in no way responsible for offending a student on a college campus who had to witness people eating a burrito on Cinco de Mayo.”

We are quickly becoming the nation’s most controversial Ivy, and our campus is fertile ground for scandals. A successive string of juicy stories has painted a large target on our College. Nothing, not even a fiesta, will go unheard now.