Parkhurst has been Occupied

Authors of the Freedom Budget, members of the “Dartmouth Radical,” and other activists are currently staging a sit-in in President Hanlon’s office. They are unhappy with President Hanlon’s response to the Freedom Budget and are demanding that he do more to address their items in the budget.

“The burden should not lie with systematically oppressed students (affected by racism, classism, imperialism, nativism, sexism, heterosexism, cis-sexism, and ableism) to ensure our own well-being, safety, and continued existence at Dartmouth College: yetour [sic] lived experiences at Dartmouth have been so violent that we were driven to write a plan for such assurance — The Freedom Budget.”

Members of the group have created the Twitter acount “Gossip Gangstah” to provide some commentary.

Here is a live video feed of the sit-in

Watch for yourself to see what they’re saying.