Out, out brief candle!

The all-too-informative Valentine’s Day edition of the Daily D featured a story on alleged campus conversatives mourning the death of the Democratic Party Saturday night. The candlelight vigil, some sources say, included a rousing eulogy followed by the lighting of the candles (votives not vigil) and observance of a brief prayerful silence. The Dartmouth Review‘s own Kevin Hudak commented on the event sponsored by the “Concerned Students for the Future of the Democratic Party”:

After seeing the press release I thought to stop by and challenge the Alex P. Keaton-look-alike on the Green. He explained his position and I was persuaded to grab a candle. Unfortunately it was not a vigil candle but a votive candle that dripped hot wax on my hand. I was left feeling like one of many Democrats who have been burned by the decision of their fellow DNC members,” Hudak said.