Oh Those Charming Socialists!

You think it’s funny and charming to rally socialists—yes, you heard it, socialists—at Dartmouth College via a rather disturbing article in our college’s newest newspaper (to our pleasure our new target) The Dartmouth Radical?

Apparently the editors of the Radical think so.

In the article “In Language Wars, The Right has Won,” the paper calls for students to turn away from the Democratic Party, but not for the right reasons. To the writer, the Democratic Party is TOO right wing. Quote: “For liberals and progressives, for socialists, pacifists, and environmentalists, only a decisive and mass rejection of this politics of illusion will deliver us from our permament disappointment.”

I’m not quite sure where this student thinks he or she attends college. I’m pretty sure it’s not somewhere in eastern Europe (which to them might be the most ideal place to live, who knows?).

On the previous page there is an ever-charming ad from The People’s Coalition: “are you feeling like there are no other progressives? are you looking for all the radical queers? are you eager to compare Marx and Foucault?”

Progressives. Radical. Marx. 

Where are we, again, oh that’s right, America. I mean, if you want radical change, there’s an easy solution: move.

Yes, these words are harsh, but honestly, I am the son of someone who sacrificed so much to come here. And I have to be surrounded by continual demonization of capitalism and the American system? You hate it so much? Go live under a dictator in a third world country. My mom did. Not so pretty.

We live in a country where there is freedom of speech, religion, and press. We have our flaws of course, but radicalism? Come on. Calm down. We may not be perfect, but we’re as good as it gets. America is the best place on earth. If it’s not for you, find a better one. But there are people who gave EVERYTHING to be here. Just try and be respectful to the American dream that made all of this—your education, your life, your happiness—possible.

–Matthew Mirliani