Oh boy, your tuition dollars at work

the first two weeks of the Men’s Project’s Tuesday Dinner/Discussions

are devoted to conversations about porn.

6 Jan 7pm: Just Plain Porn I

meet in Silsby 113, and we’ll split into gender groups.

13 Jan 7pm: Just Plain Porn II

also in Silsby 113, and this time we’ll have a mixed gender follow-up.

the point is simply to get people talking about porn. it’s about what

you have to say to each other–the facilitators don’t have a pro- or

anti-porn agenda.

do you think smut’s only for sickos or do you love porn? are you in

the closet about watching it or do you have pizza & porn parties with

your friends? do you want to know what women have to say? do you want

to know what men have to say? we want to hear about it. bring your

friends, bring your partners, bring your siblings, bring strangers,


the two sessions will be facilitated by Michelle Meyers and Wade Meyer.