Obama’s Campaign Rallies the Dartmouth Troops

President Obama visiting campus four years ago.

Obama’s National Field Director Jeremy Bird visited Dartmouth Tuesday to host the “Greater Together Student Summit” in Wilder Hall. This is a continuation of President Obama’s strategy of targeting the youth in the country. The 18-25 demographic is more liberal than the national average and the campaign hopes to gain high student turnout again this November.

Democrats from around New Hampshire–including students from Dartmouth, the University of New Hampshire, Colby-Sawyer College, Franklin Pierce College, Southern New Hampshire State University, New Hampshire Technical Institute and Saint Anselm College–gathered and spoke of ways to defeat the un-hip, outdated Republican Party this next election. No doubt, Republicans will face a hard time battling the “enlightened” liberal college student. But the big question remains: can Obama rally enough collegiate troops around the country to gain another victory? There may not be enough skinny jeans, horn-rimmed glasses, or Indie mixtapes to do that.

–George A. Mendoza