NYC Admitted Student Reception Invites…Rejected Applicants



On the heels of the news that our admissions rates have eased back up in to double digits, there comes this delightful little tidbit. Apparently, the people at the Admissions Department didn’t perform the basic task of checking their invitation list. According to the attached letter which was sent out today, the Admissions Department simply invited both rejected and admitted applicants to the admitted student reception. So not only are we rejecting less people nowadays, we’re also giving them false hope. 

A screenshot of the infamous email.

We were the only Ivy League institution who saw their acceptance rate increase and become easier. We are now in the elite group of Ivies with double digit acceptance rates: UPenn, Columbia and Cornell. Maybe we should just cement our status as a second-tier institution and change our name to University along with our other three friends.

Or maybe we could just start cutting out the incompetent people who can’t figure out how invitation lists work.

–J.P. Harrington