Now Hiring: More Bureaucrats

Dartmouth has roughly 20 administrative job openings listed on its employment website.

Among the open positions are:

  • A vice president for alumni relations to replace Stan Colla ’66
  • A director of planning, who would manage the current construction projects
  • A director for alumni diversity, who would work in the alumni relations office to communicate with Dartmouth’s four “official” minority groups. Salary: up to $65,000
  • Two “community directors,” mid-level bureaucrats who manage Dartmouth’s “evolving” housing plan and occupy valuable student housing while working with a myriad of other bureaucrats to engineer student social life. Salary: up to $78,800

Salary information (available here) is unavailable for the top two administrators, whose salaries are negotiable. However, since we can assume their pay would be higher than that of lesser bureaucrats, they would probably make more than $71,300, the minimum salary of the next-lowest pay grade.

Could the $350,000 or so spent on these bureaucrats’ salaries be better spent elsewhere? On a speech department, perhaps?