No more tennis balls

Open Letter from the hockey team asks people not to bring tennis balls to the Princeton game this Friday. The ECAC is cracking down on objects being thrown onto the ice, and unlike past years, there will be no warning after the first offense.

Now why they are choosing to crack down now as opposed to the start of the season remains suspicious. Cornell threw their fish at Harvard without a penalty, and people threw tennis balls at Princeton in the women’s game earlier this season, also without a penalty. It’s no secret that Coach Gaudet has never been a fan of the tennis ball toss, so it could be him using the ECAC mandate as an excuse to stop it, which is too bad in my opinion.

I admit it’s a really dumb tradition, but so what, college sports are about stupid things like this. It’s what seperates them from professional sports. The least the college could do to compensate is to reopen the 20-30 seats in the student section behind the visitor’s penalty box. Though that’ll probably happen when pigs fly, I still have never heard a good explanation for why that happened, other than we were being “too rowdy” (yeah right – go to a game at Lynah Rink in Ithaca, then come back and tell me Dartmouth fans are too rowdy).