NH Senate Update

The Democrats find their candidate– a 94 year-old grandmother in a psychedelic station wagon. Word also has it that Burt Cohen’s campaign manager has fled the state and that substanial amounts of campaign money are suspiciously absent. Once former Dartmouth Student Assembly President Janos Marton makes his run for the State House, the NH Democratic Party’s transformation into a three-ring circus will be complete.

Granny D and two others file for U.S. Senate



CONCORD, June 11 ? Campaign finance reform advocate Granny D, along with two others, filed for the U.S. Senate Democratic nomination on Friday one day after the lone Democrat seeking that office suddenly dropped out.

Dorris Haddock, 94, known as Granny D, lives in Dublin and is known nationally for walking across the country in the 1990s in her attempt to bring attention to campaign finance reform.

Haddock and her son spent more of Friday at the state Democratic Party headquarters and left Concord around 5:15pm in her Granny D wagon painted in near psychedelic colors.

Also filing for the seat is former Berlin Mayor Dick Bosa and Concord resident Kathleen Houston. Bosa, who ran as a Republican presidential candidate, in last January’s primary is expected to have his candidacy questioned. Portsmouth City Clerk Kelli Barnaby said Bosa is on file as a registered Republican, but this morning he filled out a form as a new voter and claiming to be a Democrat.

It is still too early to tell what impact Granny D’s candidacy would have on other races were she to win Democratic nomination in September. New Hampshire is a presidential battleground state. The most recent poll showed John Kerry and George W. Bush in a dead heat.

“You know what, this race is really going to be fun,” said state Democratic Party chair Kathy Sullivan. “The fact is Granny D has stood up for clean elections and putting the grassroots people first and Judd Gregg has stood up for special interests. It’s the perfect contrast.”