NEWSFLASH: People Don’t Like Timmy

Apparently SA President Timmy Andreadis doesn’t play well with others. The Daily D reported today that an exodus of a large number of veteran SA members has occured this fall, citing frustration with the utter lack of any purpose. In fact, there remains only one ’07 member who has experience dating back to his freshman year – and he will be resigning at the end of this term; he noted specifically his frustration with Andreadis as a reason for his leaving. Some may have asked in previous years, “Could the Student Assembly be more irrelevant?” Timmy has responded with a resounding YES. Heralding the increased “diversity” of the Assembly, Andreadis notes that this year’s SA has become more of an “advocacy body”. When pressed for specific accomplishments, Timmy trotted out the COS Report; ironically, something set up by former SA President Noah Riner. Nevertheless, Timmy’s gang remains upbeat: “I think the Winter [term] is going to be a really exciting term because I feel like at this Fall [term] we’re at like at the brink of developing a bunch of new things.” As we know from the constitution debate, trying really hard and coming close to results is all that matters in the end.

On the positive side, this article could be viewed as a retributive act on the the part of the D‘s in response to the SA’s resolution last week (see blog entry for Wednesday, Nov. 8). A new and entertaining enmity between the paper and Andreadis? One can only hope.