New Young Cons Video Features Over 60 Dartmouth Students

The Dartmouth Alumni at PowerLine have hosted a contest in which $100,000 would be awarded to whoever could most effectively and creatively dramatize the significance of the federal debt crisis. After sorting through hundreds of entries, a distinguished panel of judges including Hugh Hewitt, Glenn Reynolds, Marcheta Marshall, MaryKatharine Ham, Roger Simon, Alexandra Johnson, Andrew Breitbart, John Ondrasik and John Hinderaker selected the top 10 winners.

My fellow classmate and Review editor, Josh Riddle ’12, and I participated in this fight for freedom with a short film that is very different than our previous work as The Young Cons. We felt that the odds were not in our favor because anyone could enter the contest, even companies, advertising agencies, or any other entity. Also, any creative product would be eligible including videos, screenplays, paintings, songs, essays, or anything else. We knew the contest would certainly attract great competition. And as always, Josh and I would be limited to the camera rentals and computer editing at Jones media center in Baker Berry library.

Our video was ranked number 5. It is a political critique of the federal debt crisis through the opinions of our classmates as well as retired Army Captain and Airborne Ranger Steven Spaulding who currently serves as the Campus Director for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes at the College. You just might recognize some familiar faces like former Review editor-in-chief Charles Dameron ’11 and assistant editor Melanie Wilcox. There are over sixty Dartmouth students featured in the video along with background music produced by a former Dartmouth student.

The video is also posted on BigHollywood.Breitbart and Ricochet. To view other entries, visit PowerLine

David Rufful