New GLOS Director Meets with Greeks

New Greek Letter Organizer Society Director Wes Schaub met today for lunch with representatives from the school’s Greek organizations. Shaub, who comes to Hanover following 22 years as Director of Greek Life at Case Western University, scheduled the meeting to touch base with the students and made sure to shake the hand of everyone present.

As for his general impression of Greek life at Dartmouth, Schaub acknowledged its status as a particularly large and influential presence on campus and called the fraternities and sororities an “asset to the institution” and “a part of the culture that makes Dartmouth what it is.”

Schaub did mention campus problems he plans to address: sexual assault and excessive alcohol consumption, echoing his earlier work at Case Western; the Daily D reported that as Director of Greek Life he created a Students Meeting About Risk and Responsibility Training Program to tackle both issues through sexual assault education and raised alcohol awareness.

In the immediate future, Shaub mentioned plans to familiarize himself with the Greek organizations on campus as well as a meeting with the Hanover Police Chief and Captain to discuss police involvement in Good Sam calls (read: will students be getting arrested?).

Overall the new GLOS Director came across as friendly and cooperative. Phi Delta Alpha President Sam W. Lewis ’13 remarked, “He seems well poised to listen to student and administrative concerns and continue the successes of the Greek system. I look forward to working with him.”

–Adam I. W. Schwartzman